Acne vulgaris

A 30 year old female came with complaints of following skin problem for the past 1 week. Diagnosis : Acne vulgaris How to manage this case? And treatment for Truncal ance???




Acne vulgaris... Management.. Tab levocetirizine 5 mg BD.. Tab blistone 20 mg od for itching.. Moisture lotion use... Face wash use.. Sun screen lotion use... Tab multivitamin antioxidants trace elements omaga 3 grapes extract green tea extract gingo tree extract.. capsule Synory od pc with morning... Clindamycin ointment cream use at bed time.. Bath Acne soap.. Alovera gel uses.. Keep the skin area sterile gauges..

Thanks doctor

Face wash as acne is self limiting problem Assurance and councelling Doxy 1 BD Cap Isotretinoin OD Tab Evion 400 OD Plenty of liquid and blend diet Use KLM clean face wash daily Avoid any other cosmetic Cream or chemical Avoid popping the pimples

Thank you doctor

Acne Acnicin lotion locally Tab Roxid 150 mg bd

Paulonodular acne... T. Azithromycin 500 mg 1 bd T.retinoic acid 1 od T. Vit.C 1 od for 5 days Check lipid profile after 14 days

Tab manner.m.od Cream. Curious.night Cream.acne plus Moring Tab.fluconzole 200mg weakly 1.month

Tab.manzer.m od

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