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A 30 years woman suffering with hair loss for 3 years. chilly pt appetite-less craving-salty thirst-moderate perspiration-less and stain cloths yellow stool-constipated hard urine-normal menses-regular mind- Nervous fearful please respected doctors share your suggestions


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Nat. Mur. 30 We can start on the basis of presenting symptoms

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Find the cause.

N. M, phos, china, sep, zinc like medicine can work give after differentiating it... Along with u may prescribe Arnica Q

1.most comman stress - ashvagandha 2.dandruff - amalaki powder+ tankan for l.a. with lemon juice/dahi 3.boils/bacterial infection - neem beej tail 4.chr. anemia - louh bhasm With amalaki powder 5. asthi dhatoo kshya - kukutand tvak bhasm 6.oja kshya - madhuyashti + guduchi satva 7.psoriasis - karanj oil with 777oil 8.hyper karatosis - coconut oil etc. 9.harmonal - hasti dant masi with bhalatak tail

Could be iron deficiency anemia, emotional trauma/stress. Rx- Weisbaden,sepia,medorrhinum,phos

Lyco 200/ pl For 30 daye

Rx 1. Avipattikar Churna 2. Bhringraj ghanvati 3. Neelibhringadi Tail 4. Narsimha rasayan @Dr. Debasish Sasmal

Tsh,sr calcium, vitamin d3,

Dear Dr. Debasish Sasmal Sir, Advice for the case. Sy. Raktasalsa 1 tsp tds. Tab. Livotreat 1 tds. Use Nimbapatra water for bathing. Avoid Chili and citrus food. Use Neelibhrungadi tail for hair.


Shirobasti with kuntalkanti + nelibhringrajadi tailam Keshkuntal vati Avipattikar churan Tab ashvganda

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