A 30 yr old male C/o Chest pain last 8-10 day Radiating to Back CBC,RBS,LFT Normal what is Diagnosis



Dear Dr. S K Pathak sir, The pain could be either cardiac or non- cardiac pain. Cardiac pain is unlikely as u have mentioned ECG is normal on 1st and 2nd of current month and chest X ray is normal as well. So I guess you are dealing with a non cardiac chest pain. Pain in chest radiating to back in this context could be due to: : Acute pancreatitis. : Duodenal ulcer mainly 1st part post wall.

Yeah sir ... I m also thinking the same.. Waiting for his reply.

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Today patient again come with Same Complaint with Both Arm numbness Calcium is 7.4 X-Ray S/o C3-4 D.Compression Basically that is the case of Cervical Spondylosis

Numbness both arms is the hint to clinch the diagnosis. Could u please attach his X ray cervical spine..!

There is a thin line of air on both sides of the superior mediastinum raising the possibility of pneumomediastinum

sir was d ECG done? ny findings corelatin to cardiac anomaly?

Pancreatitis ??? Or cholecystitis ???

Both ECG normal 1/6/16 & 2/6/16

If Ecg is normal .and x Ray also I don't find anything mostly pancreatitis or cholecystitis ??

sir was there ny h/o alc. intk ....eidr it is APD or duod ulcr 1st part...

To rule out left sided pleural effusion suggest USG Correction

in this case calc ars may help.give minute dose.

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