A 30yrs male complaining of pain nd swelling at perianal area since 5 days with fever no DM htn or any past major medical illness looks as perianal absces started him on tab augmentin tab diclo nd serrotipeptidase combination nd metro 400mg plz help in treatment nd diagnosis



Perianal abscess

Typical location for pilonidal sinus with abscess formation. Carefullu look for small pits in the natal cleft. Will need i & d, pus for c/s , regular antiseptic dressings, modify antibiotics according to c/s report. Pain management as per requirements.

Perianal abscess. Incise and dress Antibiotics Sitz bath Analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs

This is a case of perianal abcess. This condition is highly painful first drain after routine investigations and viral marker n the condition occurs regularly then go colonoscopy to rule out ulcerative colitis fungal n tuberculosis

This is a case of perianal abcess needs Incision and drainage followed by anti biotics and packing of wound.

Perianal abscess , look for DM ,any immunocompromised conditions, incision and drainage under antibiotics cover.

Perianal abscess... reqr I/D. followed by injectable antibiotics as per c/s report along with metronidazole nd proper dressing...

Ischiorectal abscess needs to be drained and give Antibiotic and sitzs bath twice daily FISTULA formation is common in such cases

Perineal abscess treatment is incision and drainage and excision of infected anal crypt gland, like fistula surgery to prevent a recurrence fistula.

Do CBP then I&D T. Faropenem-200mg 1bd T. Mayorate-sp 1bd T. Pantop-d 1od

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