A 30yrs old female patient came with the complaint of itching and scaling of the skin in the both legs below the knee since knew month.It initially started with a small Tinea like condition ?what is the diagnosis?



Dear Dr Suresh This is a case of ECZEMA * Sneha * Sweda * Virechana Abhyantara : Gandhaka Rasayana tab 2 bid Pancha tikta guggul ghrita 2 tab bid Rasa Manikya Ras 125 mg bid Saribhadyasava 20ml bid Kadirarista 20ml bid External application of Jatyadi taila and Karanjadi taila Twice a day Thanks with regards

Lichen Simplex CHRONICUS...Here her mind is involved..it is now become NEURODERMATITIS....So, If want to cure her leave body catch the mind,Teach her why she must not scratch, counsel her, de-stress her, deworm her send scrapings for c/s cbc esr

Lichen simplex chronicus,topical steroid/alternating with tarcolimus, salicylic acid,urea lactic acid containg moisturizer,vita A /omega3 fatty acid orally




Looks eczematous to me. Dermatologist's in our forum should be able to clarify ...

hi dr. this is a dry eczema best to call as a Atopic dermatitis. it usually starts with joints and with intense itching it get spread throughout. cause is really unknown but it believe that the main cause the tension of an individual,worries which makes individual to start with small scratch and later enjoying scratching. they never bother how long they reach the wound . as whenever you come across such case first and foremost plz take the proper history as when , how it started. you will your answer is that it started with small scratch and start increasing. The best part in this case is that it start with at an ankle joint and move upwards with intense scratching. patient is not even bothered about oozing and bleeding. there is a bleeding tendency always.. that's why you will find small small ulcers superficial.. you will find the history that they like to apply coconut oil to reduce the intensity. This a Atopic Dermatitis. also I request to take a history that this patient might has had the respiratory problems, very sensitive to cold atmosphere, this more aggravate during winter sensation mostly. later we can go further in requisition to you to have a proper history taking which is very important. request to you don't allow to suppress this skin disease with any steroids or any ointment. just ask the patient to take a warm water bath with gentle soap contain glycerin and soon after ask her to apply plain coconut oil or so called Vatika hair oil, is sufficient... Thz n Rgds

lichen simplex chronicus

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