A 32-Day-Old Male infant with a fall

A 32-Day-Old Male infant with a fall was admitted to the emergency department. The mother reported that the infant had been well until that evening when she placed him on her bed before briefly stepping a short distance away to warm up a bottle of formula in the microwave. She heard a thud and then returned to find that the baby had fallen less than 1 m. After continuing to cry for several minutes, the patient suddenly became quiet.



These miniscule spots suggest diffuse injury.. judgement is mainly clinical..."Suddenly became quiet" means what?Please explain...Do you mean to convey that child became unconscious?

Head injury Small dots seen intracerebral may be hemorrhagic Rt side subdural hematoma is likely

Thanx dr Ashok Leel

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I cannot figure out any ICH in the provided ct scan except the spots as indicated l, those spots are the indication for miniscule spots however certain details are not clear like suddenly became quiet like unconscious or baby stopped crying as far as ct goes there is no ICH

*Intracranial hemorrhage

Thanks Dr Pushkar Bhomia

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Intracranial hemorrhage

Concussion with tiny spots of intracranial bleed?? Adv Observation Vital support Repeat imaging after 48 hours or if required earlier

Text of the case history could not be understood perfectlly. ICH...

Intracranial hammrhage

Intracranial hemorrhage

perisional oedema

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