A 32 year old male brought to me with h/o chest pain since 30mins Gave him Inj Ranitidine and Tab Gelusil chewable C/o increase in intensity Took an ECG as shown Later referred to higher center and again took an ECG which was almost normal Suggest follow-up and Dx please


extensive anterior wall myocardial infarction or acute pericarditis..cbc, rft, troponin i, 2d echo and accordingly angiography with/without angioplasty..

Sir but the ECG taken after 1hr was almost normal? Could that be Angina?

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Along with st elevation & hyperacute T wavein chest leads Most inicio obvious findings terminal qrs distortion in v3 v4 AWMI

Its a case of myocardial infarction.

I agree c Dr Nitish

Anterolateral mi Cardiac enzymes Echo Treat with aspirin clopidogrel statins nitrates O2 Cag and ptca