A 32 year old male presented with the pain in the foot and finger. mild anemia and a mildly raised ESR present. His serum uric acid was 8.8 mg/dl and serum Creatinine was elevated at 1.99 mg/dl. His creatinine clearance was low at 50 ml/min/body surface area. Electrolytes were normal. Urine examination was normal. His blood sugar and hepatic profile were normal. What would you say about the radiographs.


Hyperuricemia due to underlying chronic kidney disease. Clinically, Gouty presentation, which needs uricosuric drugs (Allopurinol/Febuxostat) in appropriate doses, coupled with medications for renal disease.

Gout arthritis. Degenerative change in metatasophalangeal, IPJ of third finger

Gouty arthritis degenerative and destructive changes of 1st MTP jt,PIP jt of 3 rd finger

Gouty arthritis

Tophaceous gout

Gouty arthritis involving metatarsophalangeal joint of great toe

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