A 32 year old man suffring from this kind of pain and bleeding

A 32 year old man suffring from this kind of pain and bleeding since last 12 to 15 days...



Its Pitta-Raktaja Arsha according to ayurveda. Advice for Sphatika Bhasma sitz bath - Panchashakar Churna 1tsf at bed time - Bolbhadra Rasa 1 tab BD - Amla Juice 10ml BD Must Avoid straining while passing stool. With this the reduction will taken place... After 4-5 days of this treatment advise for Ksharsutra Therapy. Ligate the bleeding piles first, or you can ligate all of three if you can manage. Its the classical presentation of piles at 3,7,11o'clock position. All the best.

Dear Dr Biswas Thrombosed External haemorrhoids. First perform reduction. Later go for kshara Sutra surgery Thanks with regards

Thanks sir

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these are prolapsed thrombosed haemorrhoid surgery is the only option after surgery also agni vardhan anuloman laghu (light diet) dinacharya palan avoid 1. maithun(vyavay) for 1 yr 2. vyayam 3. utkatasan 4. seating on heard platform 5. guru vidahi viruddh ahar 6. chinta, shok, krodh, 7. prajagar 8. pulses

Is kS helpful

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piles use this medicine 1 cap p 9 two bd 2 tab ciplox 500mg one bd 3 tab ibuprofen one bd 4 sheikh pachan churan one tea spon lunch time with 250 gm dahe k sath and one tea spon ate night with warm water local use deshe ghee or aap buraf se sikai karo

आयुर्वेद के अनुसार यह रक्तज अर्श है। चिकित्सा संबंधी योग,,, कामदुधा रस मोती युक्त 4 रत्ती शहद के साथ सुबह शाम सेवन कराएं अर्श कुठार रस सुबह शाम सेवन कराएं पाइलेक्स किरीम गुदा में प्रवेश करने के लिए त्रिफला चूर्ण 10 ग्राम रात को सोते समय दूध में मिलाकर सेवन कराएं अभयारिष्ट द्राक्षासव दोनों को मिलाकर 25 ग्राम सुबह-शाम खाने के बाद दें निश्चित रूप से लाभ होगा योग परिक्षित है पिछले 40 वर्ष से प्रयोग कर रहा हूं।

thrombosed hemorrhoids, ksharsutra is advisable after reduction


Prolapsed haemorrhoids...

External heamorhoid. The dark colour and pain suggestive of lachesis. Give Single dose of the 200th.

Grade 4 piles Or Prolapsed throbosed ulcerated haemmorhoids. Hot water sitz bath. Kasisadi oil for per rectal installation. Yes kshar sutra is helpful. Bt i will still advise open haemmorhoidectomy. Followed by jatyadi oil application.

External Hemorrhoids

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