A 32 years old male admitted with H/O acute intestinal obstruction for the last 5 days. X-RAY chest , PA view is given below. Diagnosis and management?

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Miliary TB. Immunodeficiency status should be checked and evaluated simultaneously

Extensive bilateral pulmonary tuberculosis. Diabetic? Serology?

These are soft fluffy shadows showing more of alveolar shadows. If the patient is able to produce sputum. Go for afb, culture and PCP. It could also be secondary mets. Look for any other signs like lymph node examination. Kochs abdomen is a better differential. Put him on ATT and give broad spectrum antibiotics with fungal cover too. Go for CECT chest if patient is able to maintain saturation.

Patchy milliary pneumonitis noted in both upper and mid zones suggestive of milliary tuberculosis.Miliary secondaries also considered in view round opacities.Further investigations to be done for confirmation of disease.Treatment is as per diagnosis

Bilateral metastasis?

It looks extensive infiltartes bilaterally suggesting infection likely kochs... And miliaru Tb causing intestinal obstruction

Miliary tuberculosis with abdominal tuberculosis with intestinal obstruction

then obstruction die to tb intestine?

is this metastasis to lungs..? i want know abt this sir

Extensive Koch s b/l.?miliary

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