A 33 year old female complaints of swelling over the foot and leg since 5 days. skin over the area is warm glossy and tight. patient gives history of fever and fatigue from 3- 4 days. please help in diagnosis and Rx.



Its cellulitis... In Ayurveda we can correlate with Visarpa.... We need to start Shopha Har, Rakta-Pitta Shamak Chikitsa.... You can advise for Punarnavadi Guggulu 1 tab BD Kaishor Guggulu 1tab BD Saptamrita Loha 1 tab BD Triphala Churna 50gm + Patoladi Churna 50gm + Avipattikar Churna 50gm + Swarnamakshika Bhasma 10gm + Kamdudha Rasa (Mukta Yukta) 10gm + Giloy Satva 10gm + Manikya Rasa 10gm + Hajaral Yahood Bhasma 10gm = 3gm BD with Anupan of Punarnava Ark 20ml + equal quantity of water Usheerasava 10ml + Khadirarishta 10ml = BD with equal quantity of water Advice for foot elevation Advice to avoid Chankramana Educate about Pathya-Apathya in this condition and Nidana Parivarjana

This is a case of Cellulitis Left Leg. Give Broad spectrum antibiotics covering both aerobes and anerobes plus an anti protozoal like Linezolid. Mostly a Cefoperazone + Sulbactum with Linezolid will do. Apply Glycerine Magsulf Fomentation. Leg Movement Restriction. Workout for BSL levels. If any opening/Ulcer take a Swab for Culture & Sensitivity.

Also Go For Venous Doppler of left limb below knee...

Why this bandage over left toe? Manage this condition as Pitta- Shopha and Rakta-Pitta visarpa. Special care should be taken to avoid conversion into gangrene if the edema is followed by wound. Guggulu + Patola + Triphala + Nimba + punarnava +Darvi kashay with Kaishora guggulu may help to improve the condition. Thank you

This is a case of cellulitis or filariasis, Belladonna and Apis can give result.

Myristica Sebifera mother tincture five drop thrice a day.

It's Cellulitis. In this case bandage should nt b done,let it b exposed. Kamadudha(wt muktha)-2tid b/ f Panchatikta k-20ml bd wt equal warm water b/f Punarnavadi G-2 tid a/f Kaishora G-1tid a-f Rule out blood sugar level.

Left Leg Cellulitis. Consider Belladona and Apis.

Dx Cellulitis Rx: Tab. Linezolid+cefuroxime Tab. Zerodol-sp bd Sometime may b abscess complication of cellulitis dn there may b manage u thats according bcz pts. Picture is not clear

Regards to all doctors. I am sorry to note that why Ayush doctors advise allopathic medicines. It is ok when they diagnose the disease and give allopathic terminology, but allopathic medicines. Ayurveda in shameful status in the country. When Ayurvedic doctors wants themselves in a sorry state, why should Goverment do a favour for them. It seems to be Filariasis and should be put on Nityanand ras, Kaishor gugul, Punarnavasav and Dashmool kwath. Thanks

Maybe Visarp gokshuradi guggul dashang lep may help

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