A 33-year-old woman with HIV expresses an interest in becoming pregnant. She is currently receiving TAF/FTC plus DTG. Her last CD4 cell count was 800 cells/mm3, and HIV viral load was < 20 copies/mL. Which of the following is an accurate description of the recent data on ART and pregnancy outcomes? 1) A largeprospective study of prgenancy outcomes demonstrated safety  when raltegravir was taken at the time of conception 2) Use of TDF/3TC DTG during pregnancy was associated with premature delivery. 3) More cases of neural tube defects were seeen in babies born to whom who concieved while receiving TDF/3TC/DTG compared with other ART regimens. 4) DTG is recommended for use in individuals who are pregnant with in 12 weeks post conception those who contemplating pregnancy.



Tab zidovudine 100mg 5 Times a day daily throughout of pregnancy Tab trimethoprime and sulfamethaxazole 800mg orally thrice weekly Advise Serologic screening for HIV time to time PCR done Counselling is most important thing for pt.

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