A 34-year-old male with acute chest pain. There is a previous history of occasional stabbing chest pain for 2 years. The current pain had come on 4 h earlier at 8 pm and has been persistent since then. It is central in position, with some radiation to both sides of the chest. It is not associated with shortness of breath or palpitations. The pain is relieved by sitting up and leaning forward. Two paracetamol tablets taken earlier at 9 pm did not make any difference to the pain. The previous chest pain had been occasional, lasting a second or two at a time and with no particular precipitating factors. It has usually been on the left side of the chest although the position had varied. Examination His pulse rate is 75/min, blood pressure 124/78 mmHg. His temperature is 37.8°C. There is nothing abnormal to find in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Prakriti kapha vata & samanya agni bala




Give History About Constipation ? Acidity? Gas Trouble? Anxiety, Tension,Stress ? Sleep ? There May be Other Causes Of Chest pain.After Finding Them Than We Can Diagnose Correct.

Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy C/O 34 yrs Old Male Chest Pain Since 2yrs. E.C.G. For Heart Normally. Chest Pain Couse :- * Acidity Gastritis Problem Contripated Tendency Alcoholic Patient Chest Pain. * Lyco, Nuxvom, * Sleeplessness, Mental Depression After Chest Pain .* Ignatia, Coffea, * Weekness Tendency. Loss of Appetite After Chest Pain * China, Arjuna Excessive Gas Formation After Chest pain * Anacardium, Abis Nigra, Raphanus, So Chronic Disease Treatment Before & After Details Case History Need. * Patient Profession. * Desire Food. * Sleep. * Addiction. * Mental . * Family Case History Father, & Mother. * Brother and sister. After Management Easy & Best Procedure Doctor. First times RX Nuxvom 200, Xbd. X7day. Progress Patient Treatment Continue. Syn & Symptom Basis Selected medicine is Best.

It is a case of irragular rhythm with ST elevation in v2 to v6 lead may be ventricular abnormality. First identify cause .May be anxious apply gasex syp 10 ml bd . Prescribed anxiolytic

There may be gastric causes and any tension or any depression present in history so the case should be taken fully. After full case taking we may prescribe medicine.

Dx-acute inferolateral MI. R/O electrolytic imbalancce too.

Two garlic cloves at a time along with food, pomegranates,grams,jeera , flaxseed,climb backwards, cherries berries, apricots sprouts, tomatoes without seeds, beetroot,needs counselling calmness symphony music, prayers.

May be patient suffering from anxiety and Tension Hingvastak churna Saptaguntail abhyang

Dear Dr. Kamal Singh Sir, Advice for the case. Hingvastak churn with goghruta and rice . Saptaguntail Abhyang and swedana. If need do Basti karma.

Cactus 200

Inferoletaral MI

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