A 34 year youg lady presented with sever pain in rif since 2to 3days with fever and vomiting she has tenderness and garding in rif lookiing to the organ give your diagnosis and rx which surgery is ideal or prefferable



Respected sir, good morning. Thanks for posting this really interesting post. Clinical and presumptive gross morphological diagnosis appears to be MECKELS DIVERTICULITIS. Ideal or preferred surgery : TRADITIONAL OPEN MECKELS DIVERTICULECTOMY. Discussion regarding the same will soon be posted by me. Thank you very much sir. Best regards.

Meckel in RIF

Gm drs thx for your valuable opinion pt sonography finding are acute suppurative appendicities with localised pus collection with two fecollith obstruction with severly edematous inflammed appendicities as pt was not affordable i have gone for open appendectomy and peritonral lavage special thx to dr kaji wazid for his pathogy opnion in scond share

Meckels diverticulitis as it appears arising from small bowel. symptoms of meckel's diverticulitis are similar to acute appendicitis. many times opened for appendicetomy and meckels diverticlitis is found . treatment is resection of diverticulum with anastomosis.either open or laparoscopic.

Meckel's diverticulitis.


swelling seen in the operating fields seems arising from small intestine, so it is Meckel,s diverticulum.clinical sign symptoms in both condn are same.treatment for both condn is surgery. laparoscopic resection of Meckel,s diverticulum&anastmosis is preferred but acute stage is managed first conservatively

Histopathology is acute appendicities with faecolith obstruction

Meckels diverticulitis


Anybody want to change opinion after looking to the next photo of same pt

SECOND PICTURE : INTRAOPERATIVE, MORPHOLOGICAL FEATURES OF STRUCTURE SHOWN IN SECOND PICTURE POSTED: Congested and edematous [Inflamed] tubular structure measuring about 9.5 cm in length x 1.3 cm in diameter, with periappendiceal fat arising from large bowel [ Cecum ] as held by the surgeon in the second picture. INTRAOPERATIVE MORPHOLOGICAL IMPRESSION: ACUTE APPENDICITIS.

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