A 35 yr male patient is suffering from ankylosing spondylitis. he is complain pain and stiffness on awaken from sleep. fusion seen in his all spines including left hip joint. HLA B27 + TLC 8000 DLC P60 L30 E5 B2 M3 S/.CA 6.6 LFT WNL KFT WNL VIT D3 LOW X-RAY PICS ATTACHED find complete cure if possible



Cal flour,mag phos6x Rhusthux, medorhinum Rutien exercise, Mentain posture

Tikta kshir basti s vry effective in ankylosing spondylitis along wid vaatshamak aahar vihar and medicines.

Treatment will be long in homeopathy Sir! Just based on reports the biochemic tissue salt CALC FLOUR 200X will be helpful. It will work at the level of tissue and bones. Hope this will help!

Sepia 1 m One Dose dry on tongue

How much help to relive in symptoms or fusion of spines. Can it reduce disease progress

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@Dr. Gauravi Khandalekar ma'am what about Kati Basti?? What are the drug of choice?? @Dr. Himanshu Verma @Dr. Sushant Revadekar @Dr. Aniruddha Lele sir please share your valuable opinion on this case....

Very difficult to treat. Yapya vyadhi . Sushant sir explained very well. Amapachak vati can be added

@Dr. Harish Kumar Singhal sir. X-ray findings suggestive of lumbar spondylitis with reduced intervertibral space. Physiotherapy,Traction along with your ayurvedic medicines gives best results. Or just go FOR surgery for final and complete solution. It is now safe & without any complications.

This is case of ankylosing spondylitis. Not is easily go for surgery. Have you any homeopathy treatment. Then convey me

Yea kati basti also can b given wid mahanarayan taila or dhanwantari taila...mahayograj guggul; dasmularishta; maharasnadi kadha can b given orally.

Thanks ma'am

Routine exercise in morning Avoid cold weather, a/c, cold things & walk is much helpful in this case

Constitutional homoeopathic treatment with physiotherapy may be effective

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