A 35 yrs old male pt wt apx 92 kg and RBS is 112 mg/dl has black pigmentation on neck fold.please help me in diagnosis and Mx



Acanthosis nigricans. Seen mainly in obese, dark complexion or pre Diabetes if not diabetic at present. Treatment include life style modification, wt reduction.retin-a or salicylic acid gel to lighten the pigment. Do blood for fbs and ppbs.

Acanthosis Nigerians. Treatment is Xerina lotion and cream and Tab Vit C 500mg bd

Acanthosis nigricans Verrucous to see but velvety to touch... Usually a marker of present or development of insulin resistance

Acanthosis Nigricans Red Flag:Obesity..Metabolic Syndrome Predisposition to T2DM Lipidaemia Do 2DEcho & HbA1c...

Aconthisis nigricans

Acanthosis Nigricans

Acanthosis nigricans, investigate for blood sugar and lipid levels

Acanthosis nigricans. Two most common types are: 1. Obesity related acanthosis nigricans (pseudo acanthosis nigricans) 2. Acanthosis nigricans due to insulin resistance. Investigate and treat the metabolic disorder. Weight reduction is a must.

Is he known diabetic? If not start treatment of DM after FBS ppbs

Acanthosis Nigerians

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