a 36 yes female c/o menorrhagia,pain in abdomen ,backache since 10 days , family completed. USG shows bulky uerus 106×68 mm with ant wall fibroid of 58×40mm, plz suggest line of treatment



Fibroid is big enough. Do her hb: TSH:RBS. Do give iron supports . As uterus is bulky and fibroid is big enough. Start tab ulipristal once the bleedingbis controlled. Review scan after 3 months for any shrinkage in size. If still symptoms of bleeding does not subside myomectomy done in this case

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Gv iron , calcium n vit D3.put her on OCP or non hormonals like sevista for 3months.once her menorrhagia is corrected ..put her on ulipristal for 3 months...rpt usg pelvis for fibroid size...

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Correction of Anaemia Ink Lupride depot to shrink the fibroid All routine investigation s Plan for total Hystrectomy as family life is over Keep 2 blood ready per op

Control bleeding. Basic work up. First line non hormonal. Then hormonal or ulipristal. HIFU and MR guided ablation can be tried. Completion of family need not necessarily point at hysterectomy. And an endometrial office sampling be done . . ( that s anyway part of routine)

It is not a good thing to urinate immediately. It is a matter of foolishness. Bulky uterus with fibriod and right renal calculus is just such a thing. Symptoms will be seen in the backbone pan abdominal pen. Urine irritation means UTI menses disorder havely bleeding all things . Treatment. ● Tab.Ceforaxim 500× Bd ● Acelo-Sp ●Tab.DSR ●Tab. Regstron ×Bd Tab.Defcart _6×OD Tab.Dortin-M SOS. Syr- Evecare × 10 ml × TDS Syr. Crush ×10 TDS Inj. Placentrx 5D/Dose 5 dose of inj. Repated usg after 10 days .....

I've seen wonderful results with Ashokarishta in menorrhagia, 2 TSP TDS with 1/4th cup of Luke warm water . Tab Haridra Khand 2 Tab TDS. Tab Kanchnar Guggul 2 tabs TDS. Shown effective in Uterine Fibroids. repeat USG after 1 month.

Remove the uterus

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-First do endometrial biopsy -Give Sahacharyadi Tail matrabasti alternate day for 1/2weeks -Start Kanchnar Guggul 1 tds ,Sukshma Triphala vati 1tds, Tapyadi Loha 1bd for Three months -Repeat USG After three months -

Myomectomy after controlling bleeding and shrinkage of the myoma with ulipistal and blopsy endmetrial biopsy as a routine

Sir first of all u r avoiding calculus which is in right kidney of 5 mm then give cataspa tds for 7 days hifen plus 200 bd fr 7days Tab neeri for 1 nd for 15 days pt will get reasult

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