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A 36 yr old female ,complained of occasional nausea with vomiting, after her second delivery..( 6 months back,LSCS).She says the vomitus as sour,slight yellowish...!! No burning sensation in chest...!! Appetite- low Motion- once Sleep- ok Menstrual cycle- regular.. Medium- built All other parameters appeared Satisfactory.. She was of a Pitta prakriti type..!! No medicine intake for the same..!! DD- Vidaghdhajeerna Urdhwaga Amlapitta Advised- Guluchyadi kashayam Hinguvachadi choornam with little Sukumara ghrutham before food. Boiled & Cooled milk with sita at around 11 AM Luke warm milk @ night. Later as second course, Drakshadi kashayam & Parushakadi lehyam was advised.. The patient responded beautifully to the treatment..!!


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Such cases beautifully respond to Ayurvedic medicine..!!

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Abhaydi qwath BD Giloyghanvati 1BD panchsakar powder HS for 2 to 3.week, (abhaydi qwath : ek glass pani me 2 Chamach abhyadi kadha(bhuka) dalke ubalna he, 1/3 baki rahe tab usko chhanke 1 chamch cow ghee dalke lukewarm pina he.) panchsakar powder 1/4 or 1/3 teaspoon (rat ko sote samay lukewarm pani ke sath powder ka dose itna lena he jisase subah ek ua 2 bar motion aaye.) if heart burning persists, Lodhra powder with cold milk 2 times a days for 2 to 4 days. with empty stomach

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Such cases beautifully respond to Ayurvedic medicine..!!

Sheet pit rect pitt

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