a 37 year old man with a 12cms. gastric mass on the serosal aspect


Myxofibrosarcoma IHC vimentin,mucin.fat satins to rule out lipomatous tumor.

Looking like myxoid liposarcoma as be differentiated from signet cell carcinoma Further investigations are required

Myxoid liposarcoma

Granulomatous lesion

Myxoid liposarcoma

GIST DD.MYXOid sarcoma ?jiposarcoma ?fibrosa. sug Biopsy.IHC

Myxoid associated liposarcoma

-Clinical evaluation ,IHC and Ultra structural study for needful.

Malignant Soft tissue tumour D/D 1. GIST 2.Myxiod Liposarcoma 3.Metastatic lesion( Primary to detect out).

Soft tissue sarcoma ? Liposarcoma

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