a 38 year old male started complaining pain in both knee joints few days back he have normal cb



Rhematjc Arvheritis..Osteo Artheritis..Gouty Artheritis..??? Check RA facor...S.Uric acid / B2 / S.D3. Proceed accordingly.

To start the discussion on a case proper presentation of signs, symptoms, history, investigations are to be posted.

Dr Sandip,this is question -answer section. Question should be less than 100 letters.I agree with you ,the presenting doctor started like a case presentation and before reaching 100 letter it automatically stopped.The blue background always for Q& A.

Xray evaluation CBC esr RA factor Uric acid Crp

The information is incomplete Bilateral knee pain, may be a case of Rheumatoid arthritis

Get x ray knee standing And post sir

Give proper history first then only we could suggest you

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