A 38 years old male come to hospital with sudden lose consciousness . H/o similar complaint present 3 months back . BP 110/80



evaluate on the lines of syncope. neurological deficits? history can reliably diagnose the cause in 50%. rule out seizure vasovagal hypoglycemia drug histories. loop recorder for cardiac evaluation

yes we are also agree with dr amit

ECG is apparently normal, but firstly one or two p waves are negative in lead v3 suggestive of low atrial pacemaker impulse generation and the p wave morphology in the same lead is not same in every p. but these are not confirmatory as other leads and long lead is normal. there is another finding, as there is poor r wave progression in cheast leads, look v6, the r wave is very small, suggestive a old MI. so, there may be sinus node dysfunction and a old MI. confirmation needs a TMT, ecocardiography and blood sugar estimation. thank u.

wheres the poor progression of r wave sir

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what's the duration of conciouss loss and does the patient remembers the event or he has retrograde amnesia? More looks like a case of syncope or complex partial seizures. Unlikely to be of cardiac etiology.

ecg normal histry is v imp consciousness,on awaken confused? clear n oriented? histry of past attacks. monitor bp too syncopal attacks

ECG looking normal, if any neurological deficit then CT/ MRI, Need 2D echo and holter monitoring to rule out cardiac.

ECG is normal.Maybe a 24hr Holter recording might prove to be more helpful.btw the aVR lead has been marked a aVF.

PR interval doesn't look as short as reported ... O/w, technically, pre-excitation & SVT should b considered ...

detail history and examination rule out any Nero psych problem dr navin

Ecg normal Do ct scan do first Suger, check

ecg wnl go for rbs may be hypoglycaemia

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