A 38 yr male... Carpenter by occupation c/o- mild painful mucopurulent discharge coming between the buttocks.. since last 10 days... Advised ..rx Inj.tt Tab.Amoxclav 625 bid Tab.Diclofenac plus serratiopeptidase bid Oint. Drez containing povidone iodine plus metronidazole And send him for expert opinion of well known General surgeon... as I think it needs z surgery/ z plasty A typical case of PILONIDAL SINUS.. WHAT Do U SAY FRIENDS...??



yes, pilonidal sinus. May undergo excision of sinus once infection subsides, or may require I &D of abscess, if discharge not subsiding with antibiotics.

Sir if discharge decreased after using antibiotics. . Then also needs surgery

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Pilonidal sinus

Pilonidal sinus. When antibiotics relieve the discharge and discomfort usually patient hesitates for surgery. When trouble comes second time it will be easier to convince him

Yes, it is pilonidal sinus

yes pilonidal sinus

It is typical pilonidal sinus plan for limberg flap.

It is indeed Pilonidal sinus. Surgery (Z plasty) after controlling the infection.

Pilonidal Sinus will req operative.

Case of Pilonidal Sinus. Will require Zplasty

Yes sir you are spot on.

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