A 38yrs female patient suffering from Sorisis , since last 20 years,with c/o Isching,burning and scally appearance taken treatment from verious pathis but get only temparary relief ,please suggest Ayurvedic or moderm treatment for permanant relief.

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Shodhan chikitsha krwaye.... Virechan and raktmokshan... Then only start shaman chikitsha Panchtikt ghrut gugglu Ras manikya Gandhak rasayan Aarpgyavardhani vati Avipattikar churna Aaragvadh vidang Psoresin oil.. La... Mahamanjistadi quath Kharidarista

Agree with @Dr. Rashmi Raghuwanshi ma'am.... Without Shodhan its impossible to get satisfactory results in this case.... For local application Karanj Tailam can also works great... Advice to keep the area moist with oil always... Educate about Pathya-Apathya and Nidana Parivarjana Advice to drink adequate quality of water Advice to avoid soap and other chemical based cosmetics

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@Dr. Babasaheb Shinde -its autoimmune disease so permanent relief is not there. Systemic tt - methatraxate -alternate day ; propysalic nf 6 ointment - bd; moiz lmf moist lotion ; cholecalciferol ointment bd ; tab.folvit - ;bd if itching tab .Atarax at night ; exposure to early sunrays gives good result

Madhusnuhi rasayanam with rasamanikya Ra's bid, pancha tikta ghrita guggulu with sarivadyasav bid. 777 oil extl. Avoid spicy food curd banana. ,sukha virechana regularly,,.

Pt ls suffering psoriasis. This is pitaragataak ag vadhi.l panchatikata ghrita20ml.with warm water increasing day by day up to 200 ml .before that start 3days snahana L.A.swadan with Mahamagishadhadi kwathafor only 2or 5 minutes.than startoral snahan chikitasa. After that Echabha di rasa3 tab with warm wateri take water, salt, sugar, coconut water rice watermada , paya, vilapi.after5 to 7 vaga takes cold water .take3to 5daysmada Paya vilapi.of rice water .take.rest.Afterthat start medicinesloroline oil for.l.a.

Sneha pana with Maha Thikthaka Gritham,After samyak snigtha lakshana do virechana with trivruth lehyam Shamana:Maha manjishtadhi kashaya Kadhirarishta + Saribarishtam Arogya vardhini 1bd Kaishora gugul 1bd Doorvadhi +Psorset oil for external application AVOID :Non veg completely during the course of treatment and after treatment Use only Coconut oil or Glycerine soaps Use Cotton clothings

tb methotrexate7.5 weekly with folic acid. clop s oint. panch tikta ghrit guggul 2bid bakuchi choorna 1/2 tsf lukewarm water aarogyavardhini 2bid avoid refrigerated food,bakery products,nonveg,curd,idali etc. more exercise-more sweting-reduced chances of recurrance

1) Mahalakshmi Vilas Ras 1 tab Rasmanikya 50 mg Gandhak Rasayan 1 tab Kamdudha Ras With madhu 2) Khadirarishta 20 ml b.d.p.c. 3) Chopchinyadi churna 5 GM b.d.with warm cow milk 4) MahaMarichyadi tail Saptgun tail locally

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Its psoriasis Along with Dr Rashmi Raghuvanshi madam prescribed treatment kindly add Kaishore guggulu 1 tid after food and Bakuchi churna 1/4 tsf with honey before food.

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