A 39 year-old female pt, not aware of any medical problem, came to ER complaining of severe pain from tooth #16 started 4 days ago Upon clinical examination, tooth #16 has a well-sealed occlusal amalgam restoration placed more than 10 years ago. Cold test revealed non-lingering pain, percussion was negative PA radiograph showed PA radiolucency After removal of amalgam restoration, a crack was found passing from mesial marginal ridge to distal marginal ridge How do you think this case should be managed?



I think you should do pulp extirpation since there is pain and Radiolucency in PA. If the crack is extended to the pulp chamber floor the tooth is for extraction.

Is there RG from a year ago at least? For the same tooth?

I think for extraction after confirmation of the crack

Extraction After confirmation of vertical fracture

Since the fraction extended from M marginal ridge to the D marginal ridge, extraction should be considered. Thank you for sharing!

I see that we should locate the extent of the crack first, then we can decide the treatment options Thanks for sharing

Interesting, i think extraction should be done.. Thank you for sharing

I’ll go with extraction, thanks for sharing!

Extraction Thank you for sharing


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