A 3yr old male Labrador retriever presented for enlarged belly. after paracentesis confromed ascitis. then treated with diuretic, livertonic, antibiotics, cotticosteroid, multivitamins, and amino acid I'v infusion for 4 days,. the situation is slightly persist. please suggest



Penetrating foreign body ,rat poisoning accidental intake,ankylostome, check cardiac and liver function (young dog it may not)ecanis endothelial damage oosing of blood anemia hypobprotenemia cause dependent part edema put him on otc ,high protein diet, continue livertonic,aminoacid deworm it sir

If the dog is on veg diet recovery takes long time as long as there is no extensive liver damage. Non veg diet and boiled eggs are indicated. I doubt the necessity of steroids. Liver function tests with blood serum will monitor the progress

Any additional treatment sir

Conjunctiva colour please if anaemia noticed haematinics and parenteral iron inj taking into view the health status a case of liver failure seen in poisoning fatty liver leptospirosis

May be liver enlargement confirmed by ultrasonugraphy May be use of inj. Neohepatex useful

Go for CBC Ddx- babesiosis,hepatitis,helmithiosis,protein deficiency Treat accordingly

Tab Lasilactone,Inj B complex and deworming is necessary.

Liver and kidney damage, Blood Urea creatatnine Billrubin Hgpt sgot must be rule out, then specific treatment fallowed Meanvile Inj Botophase 1ml i/m Liver tonic And fluidthreapy fallowed, Prognosis Grave?

Must be treated with nilbery 3.5mg l.m./kg bwt.with doxycycline 5mg/kg bid for 21 day orally.

Do sm blood work. Cbc lft kft and Tp. Find the cause and rx accordingly

DCM dilated cardiomyopathy prof sivaraman sir suggestion on this case

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