A 4-week-old male child was brought for drainage from both eyes for 2 days and redness and swelling under his left eye for 1 day. The perinatal history was uncomplicated, and he was breast-feeding well. Physical examination revealed a temperature of 38.2°C, purulent drainage from both eyes, and a 1-cm erythematous, fluctuant mass inferior to the medial canthus of the left eye. What is the most likely diagnosis?


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Bilateral bacterial conjunctivitis wth boil &Pyogenic inflamation do c/sensitivity immediately start getifloxacin e/d Moxflox e/d drain pus after 48 hour change antibiotic as per c/s findings. Systemic dosing of augmentin as per advised by paediatritian

Dacrocystitis.. Dacryocystitis is an infection of the lacrimal sac, secondary to obstruction of the nasolacrimal duct at the junction of lacrimal sac. DD.Infective conjuctivitis.. Drainage is advised with sppropriate antibiotic coverage.

It's NEONATAL CONJUNCTIVITIS and DACROCYSTITIS. Neonatal dacryocystitis is a special type of dacryocystitis that occurs in less than 1% of all newborns. The onset is usually acute, and the neonate has a swollen mass in the inferior medial canthal area. Often, there is tearing and a mucopurulent discharge. Significant morbidity and even mortality can be associated with this condition. However, the usual course is more indolent with chronic tearing, mattering, failure to thrive, and even amblyopia.

Dacrocystitis lt with B/L ophthalmic neonatorum. Antibiotics orally and topically. Drain pus under LA. Analgesic orally. Protect eyes by covering it with sterile gauge.

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Dacryocystitis neonatoum with left lacrimal sac abscess Treat energetically with frequent installations of antibiotic drops like moxifloxacin and systemic antbiotic for the abscess. After expected abscess healing one should try conservative treatment including digital pressure over each sac region followed by liberal washing and frequent instillations of antibiotic drops

acite dacrocystitis tbactt cefime ped drops pct dpps


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Bilateral bacterial conjunctivitis with abscess below left eye Adv Tobramycin eye drop Incision and drainage of abscess

Abscess lt infraorbital region Needs i&D Purulent discharge from both eyes is bacterial conjunctivitis

Dacrocystitis left with bilateral ophthalmic neonatorum

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