A 4 year old child brought by their parents for red rashes and blisters. Itching is present over the skin. According to parents these lesions breakout and oozes fluid, increases in no and size. fever is present. Child is irritable, not taking medicine. Whats the diagnosis and treatment.



@Dr. Shukla Vikram sir in this age group what can we suggest in this case? I never get such case in my OPD....

Dear Dr. Hemant Adhikari, I have also never get like this case.

Its Impetigo.... whats your opinion on this @Dr. Avitus John Raakesh Prasad sir?

Sir we had a lot of impatigo cases in my practice life

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Non bullous impetigo. Staphylococcal or streptococcal bacterial infection. My precription without any case taking Mezereum 200-4doses./or Psorinum200-1dose Echin. Q may use internally. Calendula Q mixed with sterile water for external application.

First of wash with chlorhexidine solution or any other appropiate solution Remove crust lookes like honey Topical muprocin for local Approate Systemic antibiotic

Dr. Asha Hilalram and Dr. Avitus John Raakesh Prasad please help

Sir it's impetigo can treat in 7 days with Azithromycin, Antihistamines, Zinc syrup, topical Fucibet cream for 3 days followed by fucidic acid cream for 4 to 5 days Saline wash or Triclosan soap

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No creature will refuse Homoeo....Give Nux first..may need..chamo ..Ant-c,mez, hepar pyro later.take detailed history * Tell fly to take precautions....!!!


Scorb losan and quadidram cream for local application and tab citriz 10 mg 1/2 BD for 5 dey Tab monocef for 5 dey Tab flucnazol a night

Foliculits. Rx. 1.Antibiotic orally/im/iv(inj Tazer 2.2gm 12hourly). 2.antihistamine orally .3.anti inflammatory orally. 4.antibacterial oint locally tid. A/S Dressing regularly.

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