A 4 year old female child presented with red lesions over the arm. According to parents severe itching is present that is relieved by cold. Child is irritable due to itching. It is present since 4 days. Parents ndoes not give any history of insect bite. What is the diagnosis and treatment for this child.



Urticaria...due to allergy like a excessive sweating , psychological dissorder like a anixiety, etc. Use antihistaminics and multivitamin.. It will be cure soon

Dear Dr. Sweety Bajoria, It's a Shitpitta . Give your patient Haridrakhand 1/4 tsp BD with milk. Ajamoda + jeggery( gud) BD .

Tab.sarivadivati 1-bd Maha manjistadi kwath-5ml tds Panch nimbadi churn 1/2 gm bd Krumi kuthar ras tab.1bd

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Its the case of Sheetapitta.... You can advise for Haridra Khand 1tsf BD with Local application of Panchanimbadi Tailam and Mahamarichyadi followed by Nadi Swedana or Sukoshna Jala Snana. and Madhu 2tsf BD


It's Urticaria. Apis Mel -30 Urtica Urence mother tincture helpful medicine.

It's a case of urticaria If there is no history of any insect bite then elicit any kind of allergic history if any... Ask what kind of clothes is the patient wearing?? Sometimes the cloth material and the inner stitching can cause allergic reaction by its contact... D/D : Allergic contact dermatitis Homeopathic remedies --------------------------------- There r lot of remedies but totality must be matched... But I guess Apis 200 or 1M can be given because the patient is kid and is irritable along with the physical symptoms...so susceptibility is high and potency therefore must be high Patient advice -------------------- Avoid contact with allergen Bcoz its Type 1 hypersensitivity reaction Thank you!!

Urticaria or contact dermatitis... Hypersensitivity ... Use apis Mel ... Bcoz apis Mel is relieved by cold... Thanks..

GIANT URTICARIA.....Urticarial Vasculitis- Erythematous Wheals...Drug reaction Fabric allergy Food Allergy

Relieved by cold is something that can not be explained. Redness indicates histamine released locally. The management will be with antihistamines. Find the cause like irritation or allergic reaction to certain soaps, talcum powder, soap, synthetic clothes or bed sheet etc.


Apis 30 or Ledum pal az pt feels better by cold appln.
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