A 4 year old male came to OPD with this swelling since birth which was soft initially now gradually increasing in size and and became hard in consistency. Transillumination test is negative. Diagnosis and management plz ?


? Dermatofibromausually congenital arising from connective tissue USG and FNAC OF THE LUMP MAY GUIDE TO FINAL DIAGNOSIS.

Thanks Dr Shalini Bhaumok.

Can be venous malformation , get mri with contrast to confirm the diagnosis . If in doubt get usg first for primary d/d if suggestive of vascular malformation then get mri so that we can avoid fnac which can be acoided in this case .

Hard consistency can not be Lipomaor vascular in nature. Do Diagnosis by MRI and then proceed for Surgery.

Swelling is moving it is lipoma if is hard not moving it is sarcoma USG guided fnac

Vascular malformation

LIPOMA must be first diagnosis Rest after evaluation


Adv xray after clinical examination if needed mriand then manage accordingly.

Probably a venous malformation with phleboliths that give the hard consistency. MRI will help in diagnosis.

Thank you doctor
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