a 40/female......hypertyroidism....plz suggest appropriate treatmnt...!!



My request please send the pt. To endocrinologist. It is not like treating common cold. thyroide diseases if not treated properly could be dangerous.

table:tyroxin 100mg od continued

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Lab report shows elevated TSH level ..with reduced t3 nd T4 ... indicating hypothyroidism

start thyroxin tab. in appropriate dose. do sonography thyroid . than fnac throid for complete management

OneTab eltroxin 150 mcg epty ostomach for 2month Repeat test after 2month

Shri shris sudarshan kriya is best for both hyper and hypo thyroidism

check TPO antibodies level to rule out autoimmune disease first

the dose which r selected by wt & comlainig of pt

Case of hypothyroidism, Start withTab Levothyroxine 50 MCG OD,Repeat test after 6 weeks,Titrate the dose accordingly

Seems to be case of hypothyroid Eltroxin 125 mcg needed Not less than that if sample taken is fasting

Yes of course you do it. But is not a condition to be treated at undergraduate level.

Rx Levothyroxine Dose 1.7mcg /kg body weight in case of mild hypothyroidism

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