A 40 year male after taking injection developed blebs and nonhealing ulcer since 7 months.Kindly suggest me further management.




Investigate the patient for non healing wound. Any habits like smoking tobacco chewing alcohol consumption any history of diabetes or venous stasis venous insufficiency. Do debridement daily dressing antibiotics sos. SKIN GRAFTING. HYPERBARIC OXYGEN TREATMENT.

Clean the wound daily. Apply Betadine oint.and Mupirocin oint daiy. Keep the wound open or dressing withvaselline sterile gauze. Broad spectrun antibiotics oraaly. Vit C 500 mg. Sre about DM.

This post infective ulcer needs excision with skin grafting handle and hemostasis and split thickness skin graft from opposite thigh Be sure about the venous and arterial insufficiency Get. Doppler done

Debridement and skin graft

Keep the leg elevated, refresh margins, keep sugar under control, Give anti allergic, appropriate antibiotics, keep vascular circulation clear andsaline dressing.

Wash the wound with soap and water daily rince the wound with normal saline solution once the wound becomes clean and red apply split skin grafting

Wedge biopsy to R/O Marjolin’s. Thiersch skin grafting.

Needs skin grafting

Go for skin grafting

It looks ulcer is with granulating base with no Slough and fibrosed margins Freshen the margin and slightly scoop the base and do SSG

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