A 40 year male patient was treated with NorfloxTZ for Diarrhoea for 3 days, during which he developed blackish red patch over multiple site of the body as shown in the picture. How to manage the case?

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FDE Stop Offending Drug Potent topical Corticosteroid Oral Corticosteroid


Fixed drug eruption Management- 1. Education to the patient regarding the drug reactions 2. A written slip to the patient detailing the drug reaction 3. The drug rash self resolves after the offending drug is with drawn Topical steroid cream may be of some help.

Drug eruption. Stop the drug. Treat with other drugs . Symptomatic management. Advise the patient regarding the reaction.

Stop drug and given orally med.antihistamine,ointment hydrocortisone L/A,Cap codox-L od seven days Disease is FDE.

Fixed drug eruption

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