A 40 year old male comes to opd with complain of-abcess with multiple pus points...since 15days o/e, GC AVG P78/MIN BP130/80MMHG CNS,CVS,RS -UNREMARKABLE PLEASE SUGGEST DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT AS SHOWING IN BELOW PICTURE

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Deep seated gluteal abscess Under anaesthesia Incision and drainage with debridement This will require a wick placement in wound with dressings Coverage of broadspectrum antibiotics like amoxyclav625mg Antiinflamatory Pus may be send for c&s

Thank you doctor

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Incision and drainage with pus culture sensitivity f/b broad spectrum antibiotics covarge.. Strict BS controll

Thank u dr shiv

this is a case of abscess no doubt but this looks unusual with so many pus points..kindly rule out tuberculosis...crohns..HIV..etc...donot forget a per rectal examination...and good physical examination..I have seen undiagnosed cases of rectal cancer presenting in similar way..though rare...

Deep seated gluteal abscess Diabetic Carbuncle I and D , antibiotics according to culture report If diabetic, control with insulin Improve General nutrition

Deep seated gleuteal abscesses. I & D under GA. Antibiotics.

If H/o 8njection it may injection abcess if diabetic ut may carbancle... incision and drainage with cruciate incision snd broadspectram antibiotics with metronidazole

Gluteal abscess? Inj abscess Incision and drainage ASD Antibiotics Anti inflamm M V

Carbuncle deep seated abscess gluteal r/0 DM incision & drainge by surgeon if under local i do it

I&D followed by C/S of the pus. Antinflamatory analgesic with broad spectrum antibiotic to be given till reports of C/S report comes.

Agree with dr agarwal sir

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