A 40 year old Male presented with history of Chronic Cough more then 3 weeks,with significant weight loss of 6kg ,with fever,Chronic Smoker more then 15years,50 bidi per day,Examination shows BP 120/80 mmhg, HR 96/min,RR-23/min,RBS,110mg/dl,Fever of 100f, Rs:Right upper zone Crepitation,ECG sinus tachycardia, Abdomen Soft and painless.BLOOD bio chemistery normal ,ESR 95 after 1 hour,Hemogram shows thrombocytopenia,here is CECT thorax kindly suggest diagnosis and management.

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Lung cancer with metastasis..this a stage 4 disease hence treatment is mostly palliative


Agreed to dr mayuri mam

Small lung cancer with metastasis in liver broncoscopic biopsy HP then consult oncology medicine

I agree with dr mayuri mam


Ca lung wt metastasis Palliative treatment

Ca lung with metastasis. Only palliative management is option

Agree with the majority regarding diagnosis and medical management. But as a Family Consultant I would make it a point to counsel and manage the patient and near family regarding present and future problems.

Ca lung with metastasis

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