A 40 Yr old male with Juvinile DM,Presented with mild itchy, Scaling lesions of 8months duration.His wife is also having similar Problem. Give ur diagnosis?

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Psoriasis / Tinea incognito

Tinea corporis

Circlular margins of taenia corporis common in diabetics 2 rx itraconazole tabs nocte x 1 month / terbinifine cream locally / cream metrology the diabetes / to a skin scraping to confirm fungal inf rx wife too

@Dr. Hanumanthappa Hulugappa Sir Either, Pustular psoriasis with fungal infection Or DD granuloma annulare related to Diabetes. HIV must be ruled out. Wife may be having fungal infection.

Tinea corporis

Lapromatus laprosy ,as his wife suffer from same type of lessons for confrrmation adv. Skin biopsy . control blood sugar levels by optimal dose of insulin

CONCLUSION.-PSORIASIS.-Image 3 is the the STRONG CLUE for Diagnosis.

Extensive Tinea corporis

D/d 1 psoriasis 2 lepromatous leprosy

Tinea corporis

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