A 40 yrs old female normotensive nondiabetic pt presented with C/O progressive swelling rt lower limb associated with moderate pain since last 6 days H/O fever present 4 days back colour Doppler rt lower limb shown no arteiovenous flow abnormality





Cellulitis on rt lower limb Adv Blood culture sensitivity Blood sugar fasting pp, LFT RFT x-ray chest, urine r /m Blood transfusion Monitor vital data BP plus, RR, Input / output chart Megasulph dressing swelling area Fusigen cream for LA Limb elevation Higher Antibiotics as per culture report Inj metro Inj pan 40mg Inj voveran If pain severe Tab chymoral forte or Tab Emanzen D If pus localised then I /D Wound clean with NS Betadine solution T_bact ointment for dressing dialy

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Cellulitis of right lower limb with severe anaemia- Hb - 5.6 gm% . Needs parenteral antibiotics Inj cetriaxone 1 GM + sulbactum 500 mg B.D for 7 days followed by oral antibiotics preferably Linezolid Tab chymoral forte × 6 hourly May require fasciotomy Treatment of anaemia required

Cellulitis Rt leg with severe anaemia Inj TT Inj Meropenem 1 gm IV TDS Inj Amikacin 500mg IV BD Inj Metronidazole 500mg TDS Inj Pantaprazole 40 mg IV BD Inj Tramadol 100mg im SOS Tab Serratiopeptadase 15 mg BD×10days Plan for blood transfusion atleast 3 units in regular intervals. After being localisation of abscess I/D to be given & send pus for CS. Regular dressing with Mupirocin oint after proper cleaning with NS & Betadine Soln Multivitamin and Antioxidant

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@Dr. Gagan Deep -cellulitis

Cellulitis Rtleg.

Cellulitis of lower limb.

Cellulitis of lower limb. More commonly occurs in DM or immune compromised pt; but may occur in any. Management : Antibiotics Anti-inflammatory Trypsin / chymotrypsine Local application of Magsulph Elevation of the limb. Timely consider fasciotomy.

Rule out DVT, if it is not DVT then see for Acute Cellulitis

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