CA Breast vaccinated with Covishield

A 42 years female health care worker - a basic health care worker posted in a Sub - district hospital of district Rajouri of Jammu and kashmir getting vaccinated for COVID-19 disease yesterday. She is a case of Carcinoma of right breast and 1 year back Radical mastectomy was done followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. She is still on chemotherapy. The Aim of this post to emphasize that Malignancy is not a contraindication of COVID-19 vaccination. In fact - this Courageous HCW volunteered for vaccinated. As a Motivational post- I request all HCW'S to come forward and get vaccinated as early as possible. No serious adverse effect have been reported so far



Sir no comorbidies are contraindicated for covid vaccination rather pts suffering from such comorbidies are to be vaccinated on priority basis as they are at high risk because of low immunity

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All the first line worriers has taken the vaccine including Doctors who r aged 73 with DM,HPT, Angioplasty like me,but still after multiple time explaining the pts, they r not ready for vaccination! What can Government can do when people are not ready to b vaccinated! Should Govt have to b strict -- No vaccinated against COVID, no intensive!!

Nice information Vaccination of must for all health care workers

Nice post encouraging

Nice one sir

Is it safe in pt taking chemotherapy?

उत्तम अति उत्तम धन्यवाद देता हूं।

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