A 42 yrs old male patient having history of cough with scanty expectoration since 6 month, fever with evening rise of temperature, wt loss, and few episode of hemoptysis 1 week back...No history of breathlessness...Chronic ganja smoker... Sputum afb n gene xpert is negative, cbc shows only raised esr...He was diagnosed with HIV positive 1 week back....interpret



Shadow rt lower para cardiac arez 1 In view of smoking....ca sbould be kept in mind 2 In view of hiv...pcp pneumonia sbould be kept in mi d 3 If wheezing is tbere ...tjen fungal pathoshould e born in mind 4 Lastly tubercular patho See for dm also

Right lower lobe opacities present May be consolidation or enlarged mediastinal lymph nodes Or pneumocystis infection.. Needs further evaluation send sputum AFB TB PCR fungal stain gram stain

Rt ML n lt LL consolidation/? Endobronchial lesion/with perilymphatic nodules......dds tb/fungal/ ca./postobst.pneumonitis...need scopy..tissue biopsy

CT shows Flame shapes nodular opacity in Rt lower lobe with ill defined nodular lesions in left lung Dx- Kaposi Sarcoma Any skin lesions ?

Hiv+cases are already prone To Tuberculosis

Dense rt hilum region, and clinical scenario s/o PTB ( rpt inv.) Malignancy (bronchogenic ca)

Rt lower and middle lobe consolidation DD pneumonitis Koch's C A

..? PCP Pneumonitis/kochs

Since the first line of Inv are neg why not do a a diag bronchoscopy for Bal and possibly a tblb

Mass with peri brochovascular nodules .Imp neoplastic....

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