A 44 year male smoker patient presented in the OPD with complains of lesion over tongue as shown in the picture. What is the diagnosis?? How to manage the case??



Thanks to all doctors for valuable opinion,it's a case of Geographical Tongue characterised by irregularly shaped red, map-like smooth swollen patches on the tongue. A white border sometimes surrounds them. It is also known asbenign migratory glossitis because the appearance is constantly changing. Treatment is just supportive. Usually it is self limiting. But for symptomatic relief Topical steroid and anaesthetic gel can be prescribed with Riboflavin supplementation.

Geographic tongue (?)

Benign migratory glossitis

Geographic tongue with Candidiasis. No specific treatment needed. Just advice Clotrimazole mouth paint application and Vitamin B complex tablets daily

Oral thrush ,,

Oral thrush

Classic Geographic tongue...with Candidiasis, chx mouthwash, Amphotericin b lozenges 3-4 slowly suckle in mouth per day for 15 days, apply topical clotrimazole mouthpaint 3-4times daily 15 days, with Becosule and meticulous oral hygiene.

Geographic tongue usually secondary to but B 12deficiency.

Treatment should be for candidiasis

Oral thrush

Geographic tongue.

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