?Lichen Planus or ? Scabies

A 44 year old female care taker by profession in an orphanage where about 20 to 25 children lives She denies any child in orphanage having scabies like problem, neither in her house, no one has such itchy lesions Chief Complaints She is complaining of multiple itchy raised eruptions over her upper trunk region and over arms on posterior aspect, sparing flexural aspect and anterior part not involved too She also has a few lesions over her foot To me quite a few lesions esp over hand and foot looks blackish kind of She adds itch is so much that lesions bleed sometimes History She adds that she has been taking treatment for a long long time, but never cured Diagnosis Is it Lichen Planus or something else? Management Kindly provide appropriate line of management for this case?



Acneiform eruptions.. These  are a group of dermatoses including acne vulgaris, rosacea, folliculitis, and perioral dermatitis. Restated, acneiform eruptions are follicular eruptions characterized by papules and pustules resembling acne. The hybrid term acneiform, literally, refers to an appearance similar to acne.. DD.Scabies..


Tnx Dr Vipin Bihari Jain sir

Scabies Baclate Zocon

Nodular Acne, Rx-tab. Ivoral fort-, once, cap. Moringo bdx30, cap. Minocycline50mg, odx30 Acnex lotion

Typical Truncal Acne Ointment Clindamycin bd Doxycycline100bd Foristal1bd Pernox gel in night

Thanks Dr. Kute Ankush

Lichen planus Truncal acne Scabies

Trunckle acne Oint clindamycin bd Azee500 a/d 12 weeks Isotretonion 20 mg od 3 1/2 month

Trunckle acne Oint clindamycin bd Azee500 alt day 12 week Isotretonion20 mg od3 1/2 month

Trunkal achne

Pityrosporum folliculitis?

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