A 44 year old hindu female patient complain of black growth on upper left gums region since 4 months.. No history of any habit.. patient is totally asymptomatic regarding the lesion. no tooth mobility. no displacement of any teeth Probable diagnosis??



D/D: Malignant Melanoma Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation Fungal infection like Mucormycosis Amalgam tattoo Cluster of hemorrhagic bullae Syphilis

Sir,I want to add one more oral nevius

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Dd melanoacanthoma Malignant melanoma Drug induces melanosis Late manifestation of billary cirrhosis HIV associated melanosis

Biopsy was done and histopathology report confirmed the clinical diagnosis of malignant melanoma Final diagnosis : Malignant melanoma

Thanks for sharing that.

Opg required..Could be eruption cyst..Malignant malenoma

Malignant melanoma Poat inflammatory hyperpigmentation Fungal infec Mucormycosis

Could be malignant melanoma or sarcoma. Go for radiographs prior to any biopsy.

Malignant melanoma or or oral nevus.......

Malignancy melonoma

It could be Malignant melanoma

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