A 45 year male patient c/o excessive coldness & tingling sensation over both lower limb for last 5-6 year during winter season that impaired his day to day activities(sometimes he is suffering from fever during same period).Also he is feared of his all activities tht he can't. That may be due to psychosomatic disorder.so, what will be the treatment?


Most likely dx is psychosomatic disorder -depression with anxiety. Tt-1-cap fluxetin 20mg 1od 2-tab clonazepam 0.5mg hs3-Tab bcomplex 1od 6weeks.

Cold intolerance, kindly rule out hypothyroidism, rule out all other organic causes before labelling it as psychosomatic

Don't label anybody with psychosomatic disorder unless all organic etiology is ruled out

Dr. Sachin Arora

Renauds phenomenon or lumber spondylosis with radiculopathy

first investigation and examination.

Look for thyroid status, any skin disease, requires couselling, also advice on use of emollient excessively

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