A 45 year old male patient with abdominal pain , fever and episodes of diarrhoea A colonic biopsy was taken ( Image Attached) 1. what is the chracteristic morphological appearance? 2. How is the condition caused? 3. What are close differentials for this morphology? 4 . What other tests will u order for confirmation?



Colonic mucosa with Polypoidal mucosal lining, with ulceration and extensive inflammatory infiltration with crypt abscess formation and congested capillaries. - Pseudopolyp seen in ulcerative colitis. Other conditions are: Crohn's disease amebiasis, schistosomiasis, ulcer and anastomotic sites Cause of this condition: Residual mucosal islands between ulcerated and denuded areas of mucosa may have a polypoid appearance and are referred to as pseudopolyps Other investigations for confirmation are: Coloscopy Flexible sigmoidoscopy

Mushroom like appearance - Pseudomembranous colitis

Toxin A and Toxin B produced by Clostridium difficile , Antibiotic associated diarrhoea

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Pseudomembranous colitis

Antibiotic associated colitis caused by clostridium difficle

The image shows colonic mucosa with ulceration. There is acute inflammation with crypt abscess formation along with crypt distortion and crypt loss.no granulomatous seen Impression on the biopsy ulceration with moderate chronic active colitis.uc is a possibility. Others dd infective causes and drug induced.special stains like pas and iron to rule out e.coli. kindly do crp and routine blood tests for ibd.

Pseudo membranous colitis. Related with antibiotics variant of

Variant of ischaemia colitis. Toxins produced by clicking.difficile Yellow white mucosal plaques mushroom like lesion of mucin and neutrophils. D/D ulcerative colitis and Crohn's.

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