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lung tumor Hydatid cyst

A 45 years male having history of hemoptysis and chest pain. On examination decresed air entry in left basal region. X ray and CT plates attached. Spot the provisional diagnosis


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The intraoperative picture Huge Hydatid cyst of left lung

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An oval-shaped, well-defined and rounded homogeneous density mass is observed in left lung. ?Cystic Pulmonary hydatidosis or pulmonary hydatid cyst ? echinococcosis granulosus

Large rounded mass lesion seen in left hemithorax. Benign mass Hydatid cyst Bronchogenic cyst

Left Pulmonary hydatid cyst

Cannonball lesion . Secondary ca.

Well defined round homogeneous consolidated mass lt mid zone Supported by hrct is d/d 1 malignant lesion 2 fungal ball pneumonitis

The intraoperative picture Huge Hydatid cyst of left lung

Residual cavity in lung with multiple Bronchopleural fistula


sir aspergilloma usally have fluffy shape with not such round margins in dd we should keep encysted pl effusion also round pneumonia even artefact

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Complete evacuation

How it was in left lingular lobe

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