A 45 yr female patient came with complaint of lump in right breast.

A 45 yr female patient came with complaint of lump in right breast. Heaviness of both breast during Menstrual period. #Past History :- 2 operations of left ear 1 st - Tympanoplasty ( 15 yrs ago) 2 nd- Mastoidectomy ( 5 yrs ago) #Family History :- Father - DM type 2 Mother - Hypertension #Personal History :- Appetite - Increased Thirst - Thirsty, drinks sip by sip Craving - sweet,fried Bowel - Normal Urine - Normal Sleep - Insomnia Thermal - Hot Perspiration - On exertion Mind - Talkive, gets easily angered,depressed, Great anxiety, Nervous Menstrual History :- Menarch - 12 yrs Mc :- Comes 8 days early, flow is normal, 5days. Obstetrics History :- 2 Children #Investigations :- mammography, cytology Plz guide with line of treatment....




This simple fibroadenoma Thee are many causes also be included 1. Premenopausal changes 2. Harmonal changes 3. Obesityv Local physical effect 4. Life style 5.Excssive intake of fat 6.many more Otherwise Lack of proper case history You may prescribe Rx Phytolacca 1M

Jese dard hotti h rasoli jesi ho usi samay daram path suno to dard band hotti h rasoli finish hotti h

Please post your observations also....What operations...?...you examined her....How does the lump feel on palpation....You are the best judge...Advice to reduce weight .do THYRO, HORMONES.cbc esr stool urine HbA1c AEC IgE USG ABD PELV..Syotic miasm...First give Thuja..later think of Lyc Phyto..iod group.cal-sil..then re-take case

Lump is movable and has smooth margins

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It may be premenopausal syndrome... No need to worry.... Fnac shows fibroadenoma...start kanchnaar gugulu,gograj gug.with...dashmularist..

Yograj gug...

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For fibroadenoma,shilasindur25mg+rasraj ras10mg+swarnmakshik bhasm125mg+Gilroy satv250mg+nag bhasm25mg should be taken with honey BD.kanchnar guggul 2goli+aarogyvardhini vati 1goli+yograj guggul 2goli with lukewarm water BD.syrup kumariasaw+lohasav+abhayarist each20mlafter meals.during night cap cruel plus 1-2cap with lukewarm water upto 3-5month till complete cure.

Nitric acid and silicea

As, there is fibroadenoma and fibroadenosis - pain before cycle is very common. Can adv: Svarna Malini vasant Ras Trayodasang guggulu Kanchanar guggulu Zeotone cap Cbl for E/A. Adv her to avoid oily foods ND fatty foods. She must take foods rich in antioxidants. Must undergo USG for every 6mnths and even abdomino pelvic USG once a yr

Agree with@Dr. Poonam Rana Also adv for hot fomentation

How can Swedana help in this case @Dr. Diwya Tyagi ma'am?

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रिपोर्ट के अनुसार यह कौई भी रोग नही है। चिकित्सा,, अनुलोम-विलोम प्राणायाम कराएं कपालभाती प्राणायाम कराएं भद्रिका प्राणायाम कराएं। निश्चित रूप से लाभ होगा योग परिक्षित है पिछले 40 वर्ष से प्रयोग कर रहा हूं।

Calc IOD 3X

Rx Amrita bhallataka lehya 5 gm bid ( only impcops) medohara guggulu 2 bid. ,doshagna lepa chu paste extl. In 4 pts I got good results with this tt

Lyco 200 one Dose dry and wait. Repeat memography after 3 wks.

Agree with Dr rajan
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