A 45 yrs old male pt has suffering prolapse hemorroides since 5 yrs.. Symptom..excessive pain and bleeding during defecation of stool. Irritation and excessive pain during walking,sitting,and working time. Chronic constipation Habit...hot desir e of food,ocassionaly alcohal intake. No dm and htn..all reports r normal.. Respected doctors plz share ur valuable opinion on dis case.



Can be managed by kshar sutra.

Kshara Sutra ligation is the best option Sir and you are the expert ....Proceed if pt. Permits.

Thank u so much for ur valuable opinion sir.

Calc Flour 12X alt Ferrum Phos 12X Twice a day Alumina-200 every night Calandulla Q External use Effected

Go for khsarsutra sir...

Thank u sir

Best treatment for charsutra But use this medicine two No requirement for any opretion 1 cap p 9 two bd 2 p 9 oil use for anus 3 sheikh Pachan churan one tea spon to time daily 4 syp abhyarisht 20 ml two time daily 2

Dear Dr Shah Prolapsed haemorrhoids. Need to manage with Kshara Sutra ligation With regards

Thank u so much for ur valuable opinion sir.

Now plz u give orraly and external use medicine after mild relief u may apply ksharsutra.

Treatment of prolaps haemorrhoids only Sharsutra sugery

Ksarsutra to be done

Ksarsutra first option & Second option is surgery

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