After seeing the report, this treatment has just started.give me adv.

A 46 year old female h/o p/v bleed last 10 ago.body ache generalized weakness



Anmia & blood sugar random 210 trifer syrup orfer XT tab IV ns infusion mixing orfer s 100mg iv slowly give glynase mf tab moktel women cap dolonex DT tab

Inj Monocef 1 GM bd Inj pan 40 mg bd Inj emeset 4 mg TDs Inj pcm 1gm SOS if fever tab glycomet gp1 bd after 7 days bsl fasting and pp Multivitamins supplements Adv urine r/m,chest x-ray,USG abdomen and pelvis

Thank you doctor

From reports it appears to be a c/o diabetes with septicemia as tlc is over 15000 Chest xray shows ground glass appearance with prominent bronchovascular markings bilateral Liver enzymes are raised But pts complaints is bleeding p/v That means primary focus is gynaecological problem hence gynaecological examination and investigations usg and p/s vaginal examination Broadspectrum antibiotics like amoxyclav625mg 1bd Tab lenazolinid 600mg 1bd Rest supportive and symptomatic treatment

Thank you doctor

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