Accelerated hypertension

A 47 yrs female k/c/o htn since 10yrs on TB zortan h complaint of sweating excessive since tb start Bp-200/140 at morning taken tb zortan h What is the further treatment and management Adv ECG RFT CBC BSL R 2 D ECHO




Maintain bp to 140/ 90 Slow down bp..not rapidly... Urgent need ECG..serial.. Give orally Amlodipine 10 or metoprolol 50 + inj Torsid 10 iv.....+ Antiplatelets. Do ECHO, RFT, CBC, BSR ,REUrine... If headache or vomiting....add mannitol iv

It's Accelerated htn. Pl bring Down his blood pressure. With inj lasix 40mg iv. Inj iv metaprolo inj lobet 100mg metsorolol 50 mg stat.u can plan further line of management after the reports

R/o ischemia/infarction.Add tab Amlo At bd after looking heart rate

To rule outacute MI

Control BP...if needed by IV NTG in hospital setting.. rule out Acute MI by ECG

Please submit ecg report of patient

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