A 48 year old lady has itching in ureteral orifice. no other symptoms.dx rx plz?!


First ask for CBC ESR Blood SUGAR URINE C/S RE URINE USG of whole ABDOMEN might be CANDIDIASIS please ask to wash vagina with Genwash lotion two times daily, Ointment Surfaz sn apply locally twice daily after wash, Tab Fluconazole 150 once in a week for four such

Itching at urethral orifice is infact irritation likely uti/uretheritis Clinical examination and routine lab investigations Rx tab ceftas-o ds 400mg 10d for 5 days Alkalisers

Candidiasis Vaginitis Candid lotion locally antibiotics orally antibiotics locally

Advice fluconazole 150 mg single dose to both partners if Mycostatin ointment is available it is a good choice for local application if not available any antifungal may serve purpose .

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