A 48 years female patient with complaints of shoulder pain and swelling. unable to lift the hand. she is diabetic and hypothyroid. she had vitD3 deficiency for which she is taking supplements. please diagnose and suggest management..


No bony abnormality seen Diagnosis can be done by different clinical tests for bicipital tendinitis or rotator cuff muscle weakness. As pt is diabetic so there can be frozen shoulder also. Like wise treatment decided according to the protocol

No bony abnormality detected. ?Frozen shoulder.

Frozen shoulder advice physiotherapy control of diabetes and analgesics for control of pain

Frozen shoulder and bicep tendinitis. Physiotherapy and aceclofenac and muscle relaxant with prolong physiotherapy

Frozen shoulder Rx check fasting pp and TSH 1) control pain & swelling 2) start calcium vitamin D3

Frozen shoulder, Tab.prestiflam.MR. cap.Rabinec DSR. Local application of tropical analgesics, Physiotherapy.

Frozen ShoulderRx Physiotherapy,Tab Ibugesic plus 1Tds for 10 day's

No bony abnormality detected. ? Frozen shoulder

Adhesive capsulitis...

Frozen shoulder Can try a short of depomedrol in the joint

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